nonlinear_terms_testing Derived Type

type, public :: nonlinear_terms_testing

Public type allowing tests to access otherwise-private routines


Type-Bound Procedures

procedure, public, nopass :: add_nl

  • private subroutine add_nl(g_in, g1, phi, apar, bpar, adjust)

    Calculate the nonlinear term and part of the corresponding CFL condition


    Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
    complex, intent(in), dimension (-ntgrid:,:,g_lo%llim_proc:) :: g_in
    complex, intent(out), dimension (-ntgrid:,:,g_lo%llim_proc:) :: g1
    complex, intent(in), dimension (-ntgrid:,:,:) :: phi
    complex, intent(in), dimension (-ntgrid:,:,:) :: apar
    complex, intent(in), dimension (-ntgrid:,:,:) :: bpar
    logical, intent(in), optional :: adjust

Source Code

  type :: nonlinear_terms_testing
      procedure, nopass :: add_nl

  end type nonlinear_terms_testing