rk_scheme_type Derived Type

type, public :: rk_scheme_type

Public type storing the data for a particular RK scheme


Source Code


Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
integer, public :: number_of_stages
integer, public :: order
character(len=30), public :: name
real, public, dimension(:), allocatable :: lower_order_coeffs
real, public, dimension(:), allocatable :: high_order_coeffs
real, public, dimension(:), allocatable :: time_points
real, public, dimension(:, :), allocatable :: coeffs
logical, public :: follow_high_order

Type-Bound Procedures

procedure, public, :: validate => rk_scheme_validate

  • private pure function rk_scheme_validate(self) result(valid)

    Perform a small check of the consistency. Returns an error code built from bitwise flags to give information about which checks, if any, failed. Success is repesented by zero.


    Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
    class(rk_scheme_type), intent(in) :: self

    Return Value integer

Source Code

  type :: rk_scheme_type
     integer :: number_of_stages
     integer :: order
     character(len=30) :: name
     real, dimension(:), allocatable :: lower_order_coeffs
     real, dimension(:), allocatable :: high_order_coeffs
     real, dimension(:), allocatable :: time_points
     real, dimension(:, :), allocatable :: coeffs
     logical :: follow_high_order
     procedure :: validate => rk_scheme_validate
  end type rk_scheme_type