shm_node_pointers_t Derived Type

type, private :: shm_node_pointers_t

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Source Code


Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
integer, public :: id
integer, public :: win
integer, public :: ndim
type(c_ptr), public, allocatable :: nd(:)
type(shm_node_pointers_t), public, pointer :: next => null()
integer, public :: tag
integer, public, allocatable :: se(:,:)
character(len=maxlen), public :: label

Source Code

  type shm_node_pointers_t
     integer id, win, ndim
     type(c_ptr), allocatable :: nd(:)
     type(shm_node_pointers_t), pointer :: next => null()
     integer tag ! counter that can be used to identify a given shared segment
     integer, allocatable :: se(:,:) ! lower upper bounds of the pointer associated in the node
     character(len=maxlen) label ! can be used to store info about application
                                 ! (e.g. in which subroutine the segment was created) 
  end type shm_node_pointers_t